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8" + 1" Dual Ferrite coaxial speaker

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The 8CX400F coaxial transducer is a 8 inch - 1 inch coaxial driver combining excellent linearity with good efficiency and power handling capabilities.
It is primarily intended for compact reflex enclosures and, because of its versatile characteristics, may also be used in multiway systems or ceiling applications. Its nominal dispersion is 90 degrees.
The curvilinear, paper LF section cone is formed using a unique wood pulp composition designed to achieve the best possible rigidity and stiffness. A polycotton multiroll surround to provide increased excursion whilst controlling break up modes carries it.
The 51mm Ø state-of-the-art, aluminum wire voice coil employees same technology of that fitted to our top-of-the-range models using our Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV) technology. In essence, a high strength Fiberglas former is used to carry windings on both the outer and inner surfaces to achieve a mass balanced coil. This
results in an extremely linear motor assembly, which, in conjunction with the highly advanced design of the magnetic structure, provides a high force factor or BL.
The high frequency driver incorporates a polyester material diaphragm for best movement and stress control; the special radialribs increase stiffness avoiding uncontrolled vibration modes in the usable frequency range. An edge-wound copper clad aluminum voice coil wounded on treated Nomex completes the diaphragm assembly.
A computer aided FEA has been used in order to maximize the cone profile coupling and to control the energy in the desired frequency range.
A dedicated high quality passive crossover network is available upon request.
With the increasing use of outdoor audio events, the ability to perform in humid environments is another feature of the 8CX400F. This is achieved by means of exclusively developed humidity repellent cone treatment.

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